Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Homogenize my society, not my Milk

I watched this video today, I must say this isn't for the faint of heart.

The video discusses animal cruelty of the meat industry, and I wholeheartedly agree that the practices are sometimes bad. It is obviously biased towards the vegan crowd. Though however cruel the video will never make me not want to eat meat. Its just not possible, I love steak, I like chicken, I've never been a pork fan.

The alternatives are simple, I can raise the animal myself, and do the slaughtering - which might have worked years ago, but not in todays society. I could go to my local farmers market, but I have reservations about getting meat from there as well.

I don't like those options. Imagine slaughtering your dinner right before you eat it (you might not, I might, I like fresh steak) . What about the logistics of what to do with the left overs? It's no longer socially acceptable to use the bones as jewelry/decorations any more. And I for one don't really need another cow stomach flask. I'll take my estrogen generating plastic anyday.

Whats wrong with the farmers market? Not much that I can say, its just not attractive to me. The farmers market isn't at all regulated by the same FDA standards that say wal-mart purchased food does. Not even if it were would I be interested, at least for meat. These individuals are doing what they can to make money, and they wouldn't intentionally poison me, I don't believe that. But I don't believe they wouldn't cheat the system to make an extra few bucks. And who's to say that what you bought actually passed the test?

Don't forget the titular reference I made, homogenized milk. There are some documents that link high cholesterol and heart disease to homogenized milk. They are somewhat anecdotal - but neither side produces convincing arguments as to which is right.

That brings me back around to what I'd like to really get at. Its obvious that the massive slaughter houses, homogenization, and plastics production are a product of needing to feed/support massive cultures. And don't get me started on global warming, and pollution.

Animal cruelty is there simply because, if you don't slaughter it it, slaughtering becomes someones job. Homogenizing milk happens because it makes it more marketable, why not use goat or sheep milk? The plastics we use are a all part of the same pattern, making life easier for those who want it.

Food processing, is all about containing in nice small packets - easy to ship and easy to move - all your food products to make marketing and manufacturing also fit into nice little packets. So that our personal society can also fit into nice little packets. We call them cities.

Its obvious that people in control of the things we need are more than willing to cut corners in order to make an extra dollar. But when we can hold people responsible for these cut corners we can really call ourselves a civilization.

Its simple, large city and and infrastructure are just designed to make the average human fit into the same molds that we force our animals into. And it's obvious that homogenization may be necessary, but not of our food.

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