Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm a Twonk

Yes, it official. It seems a man from the UK has placed his desires on my domain name and does not like that I own it, thus posted my physical address (from whois, not like I was guarding it - plus its WAAAYY out dated).

I'm sure this is just an attempt to alleviate his own annoyance at me owning the less than maintained retro '95-esque web design. Oddly enough I found his blogger account about a month ago before his post. My intention was to digitally "high-five" him for the awesomeness of his choice of on-line persona. I even had the thought of offering him an entry in my DNS record for a subdomain, but alas, people don't think like me, and instead of emailing me the high-five first, he writes a diatribe of his desire and inability to achieve it.

I'm going to use you as and example Mr. Prozacville. An example of what we all do when we desire and somewhere we convince ourself that the desire is not possible.

You never attempted to achieve your end goal. You have a desire and yet only acted to acknowledge the desire, and not to achieve it. Had you evaluated a simple action plan to obtain your end goal, the list would have started with

  • purchase said domain from owner

  • purchase a subdomain as compromise

  • can I get either for free?

Had you evaluated the above, the only action that can solve these problems is to send an email to the owner and see what happens.

Desires tends to blind us as to what to do to get it. Especially when we live in a world where most people are selfish. Our automatic response is this individual is not nice enough to give me what I want, or compromise with a stranger.

I for one hate that version of the world. He is right though. Statistically speaking, I am a twonk. As a person who wants something owned by only one other person in this world, you have to envision that he realizes he would have to obtain this item from the that person. That person is an unknown. He would be just an average person - the person who bumps into him on the side walk with no apology, the person who flips him off when THEY cut him off in the first place.

Now we live in a world of bits and bytes. All of these abstractions just allow us to forget there are people there. Our first instincts are to assume they are unreasonable people. This is all a part of self-fulfilling prophecy. We become an unreasonable person when we expect people to be unreasonable.

Buddhism's 4 noble truths really fit this in a way probably all of us can see. He suffered for his desires, and passed that suffering to another, and from that suffering it is possible to pass it to another, and so on.

Except I feel obliged to end suffering. I can't remove his desires, but amicably solving them seems a solution that would suit us both, it achieves the one thing I've always wanted on prozacville - content, and people interested in evolving the idea. And it solves his desires to be located in a more recognizable place.

Actually he's right I am a twonk. Truth be told I had convinced myself that he wouldn't be as reasonable about me offering him a sub-domain, or even talking about it. Since I assumed he would be protective of his persona, I subconsciously assumed he'd be a jerk about me owning the domain, which led me to dawdle on sending an email, which in turn fulfilled the prophecy of him being a jerk, when he made his post. But I know better, neither of us are twonks or jerks, we are just people trying to live in a world where people are no longer truly 'living'.

*sigh* - Everyone go hug a stranger now. Yeah thought so, stop agreeing to truths if you don't plan on living them.


Inferno Armadillo said...

I gave you some props on his post. Told him to recognize the shared love. You were tres cool about the situation, much more civilized than I.

Prozacville said...

True, you were.

Now if I knew you were a buddhist, I would have probably been more reasonable.

Maybe that's a lesson for me. Just pretend EVERYONE is a buddhist and treat accordingly.

Or pretend everyone's human and treat accordingly.

Or maybe just pretend.

Thanks Hagler.

Prozacgod said...

Just for the record, I should clarify I'm not Buddhist, I'm "Buddhist lite" - (same great Buddhist logic with no repetition) - okay not really either of those.

I am for all intents and purposes - just Me. When people ask for a name for my faith I say "Prozacian". Which is just a thinly veiled cover up for "philosophically agnostic" - I feel there is more defining us all, but I'm not quite sure what it is and will not name it, but will gladly search for it.