Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Introduction, with rambling

I recently moved to Columbia, MO. I've already fallen in love with this city, but it has greatly traumatized my social life. I'm so used to having a huge following of friends and socialites always calling and partying or just randomly showing up. I hardly ever made plans, plans were made for me.
Now I find my life extremely open, to open. I feel bored. Over the past 6 months I've realize that I have a severe disability, I can no longer make friends. I can't be the only person who actually likes to go out in public and associate with people. So if you like to just wander around doing absolutely nothing important, and perhaps a wee bit random, feel free to just email me, I'm actually interested!

I'm a bit of a extroverted geek, this is a rare combination I don't mind arguing over which is better Battlestar Galactica (new/old) vs Babylon 5 - in public... or hell in a fancy restaurant (and loudly at both!) I don't think I look like the average geek. But that's debatable, I kinda toggle between geek styles/prep.. which is hilarious compared to the 'past' me. I once considered myself and dress - appropriately 'goth' - 'back in the day'. And yes I still have a large collection of Marilyn Manson memorabilia, hey .. it happens to the best of us .!?

Yes, if you ever wondered what happend to the goth's in high school, you don't have to look to far. Most of them are still pail white, serving hamburgers, but there are a few that ended up pail white as computer software engineers.

I'm of the latter ilk, I'm a software developer lately specializing in web, but I've done everything from DOS/Win16-32-64/Linux from API level assembler to C and others. For the longest time I did Delphi/Pascal under windows. I got to work on some nice projects but oddly enough I can only think of one with a link AVImark from McAllister Software - quite a lot of my other stuff was NDA'ed or backend and wouldn't make a difference.

I currently work for Direct Freight doing a mix of web development in php/perl some linux administration basic apache stuff - some asterisk, and my personal fave python. The python stuff is an embeded pygame/python app, perhaps when this product goes to "market" I can show off some screen shots of my little creation. (no its not a game :P)

Since there is almost no one around I have a lot of free time. I've been building an arcade/mame box, mostly searching for parts. (anyone have a 27" tv they'd like to ditch, or trade/cash) I've been working on AVR programming, and building a CNC machine. I have most of the parts for this, I just have to figure out the electronics and stepper motor drivers for it.

I've been wanting to start a Columbia, MO makers group - comomakers.com hopefully I'll get some spare time to change that blank site into something good, I've been working on art for it, and it looks "groovy" - oh yeah I'm a bit of a graphic artist.

I can also work my own cars, I can do most household doit-yourself projects, including more advanced do-it yourself projects. I worked for a short stint doing home remodelling. Both of those activities seem to be a family trade, can't avoid getting your hands dirty with us.

So hopefully I'll post some updates, and actually try moving, some of my social life into the virtual world. I really do this in the hopes that this will connect me to real life people.

Oh yeah, are there any Linux user groups around here, or maybe some local D&D action, not that I'm good at D&D - in fact I can't ever role a character up that is worth crap. I'm really REALLY good at doing dynamic story lines for games though ;)


Karen said...

So I don't speak Linux or D & D; rather I am a slave to the literary world (that is at least when the rest of my schedule permits it), but I am pleased you are enjoying the COMO thus far, albeit sans local friends. You'll find that it's an interesting place, and everything will pick back up in the fall when classes resume. In the interim, you should soak in the sleepiness of downtown while you can as it doesn't last long.

Prozacgod said...

Thanks for the comment, I should probably add that I'm not entirely unfamiliar with the literary world. I rarely find time to delve into it, so I recently bought some older college english course books - they contain lots of short stories. I actually really love the short story, you can keep the whole message in your head and evolve the concepts and see what the author intends.

I do really like it here, I'm fine with the sopor of down town. I also don't detest it when it "wakes" up, I'm sure I love it just the same.

Prozacville said...

I like this blog, I shall be returning to haunt you Hagler...