Thursday, July 3, 2008

Judge Orders Youtube to Release Viewing History.

So, I'm really really tired in an age of modern privacy issues that this kinda of stuff gets released. thats all you need to read to get the gist, but if you want my take on it...

The thing is I know where these hard-drives go. I'm a software developer, and when something technical needs to get looked at they call me. Not the lawyers, not people interested in your personal privacy but a guy like me who would be more than happy to post it on The Pirate Bay.

Why would I breach such an egregious piece of the code of ethics for personal privacy? Because its a necessary evil.

No seriously I do believe posting the history of your browsing habits to be a horrible breach of privacy.

On Youtube, currently, all I have to lose is people finding out that I love to look at explosions and admire young cute Aussies (it's the accent, I can't help it! :D - that and Caitlin is a doll)

But why would you give that data out? Simple, the world needs to be pissed off at the companies that believe they need to record EVERY single thing you do in your life. We need a huge breach of privacy based on the failures of the legal system to encourage people to outrage. Yes you need to be slapped in the face.

Out of sight out of mind is the policy for everyone, and I'm so tired of it. I love Google to death, but I do not get any features from their service simple because of how much information they store on me. I also can't review deny or change that information. The one feature I've wanted for ages. I feel its my right to remove anything stored about me from any database, if I directly contributed to that database.

My computers aren't really personal I have one computer at home that no one is allowed to touch, its mine, the others (3 of em) are game for .. well gaming and browsing or whatever you want. I really don't feel that the browser history of those computers should belong to me. But since I do log into web services on those computers, and they are mine I tend to forget to log out. This incurs the storage of viewing history on my accounts that does not belong to me.

Imagine, if you will, that someone logs into your blog or myspace or whatever, and posts a entry under your name. You'd be pissed you'd be outraged, thats MY identity not yours. YOU can't post as ME!

Well, sorry to say this but people do it all the time, Inadvertently they post stuff to your account history that supposedly tells a story about you. Friends with Gonorrhoea looking for creams? Well now you must have it! It's under your account name isn't it? People looking for pornography involving Myrmecophaga tridactyla? Yeah, you did it buddy - don't lie its in your history! No we found that too "how to lie about search history and claim it isn't yours" was in your history as well. Maybe you'll think twice about not logging out of your computer after you

Imagine 2000 years from now digital archaeologists rebuilding your life. Yes he was into lots and lots of hentai. No really someone else must have search for that, yeah thats it, it was someone else I swear it!

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