Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Python/Pygame and Ajax - Isometric Game

I've started a simple pygame isometric gaming engine, its all for research into isometric gaming and maths/problems with designing an isometric game.

Fairly simple fully commented posted on my domain -

Hope someone interested in developing one finds some use out of it. I've been researching the idea of producing a DHTML/javascript/ajax/web2.0 .. pick a buzzword - version of a similar engine.

I've decided that ground heights (Z) neet to be limited. The reason for this is in isometric maps a ground height of 10 is shown 10*(8 tile height) pixels above the point the base tile is shown - the problem is in the ajax or any client version the full map is only known by the server - I would only give the client a 20x20 or so tile space to observe. If a tile below this space is very tall - it should be opaquing the tiles above it but if I don't send it to the client then the client can't draw it. I've considered making the server, and for proper game interactions this may happen anyway, analyse a large grid - say 100x100 around the player and resolve these opaquing issues - but that increases server side processing.

Both client versions would have this issue so its worth solving or limiting, I couldn't imagine having a character walk up a 200 unit high tower - which might be fun but honestly confusing in an isometric game. since pieces tend to blend into Z coordinates with each other.

Anyway this is going to be a fun side project, probably not going to get lots of play time with it. But if anyone has some suggestions feel free to post em

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Isoprog said...

Right after one year your codes ganna help someone. I and my friend want to make a RTS game in 2.5D view. Took Python to code the game, cos its easy and powerfull. I want to know some detail from you about your code. Detail mean, about the map. So, if you kindly mail me I would be greatfull to you.