Thursday, September 25, 2008

My new business

(I've had this as a drat for a long time, I just wanted to push it out, so .. this is an "AS-IS"article) This is a farce letter to the government posted in response to this article.

Dear government,
I represent the Union of Mind Examiners better known as UoME. We have been selling devices to scan minds and to help people deal with all sorts of issues like anti-telepath warfare and aliens. It has come to our attention that we can no longer sell these items because people have become to informed, they know to much about scams. They believe our product to be produced by shysters. Our Business model can no longer work, so we need you to create an artificial market in which to sell our devices. Our market can only work if you help us enforce it.

I've seen how you work and understand how we can integrate our model into your methods. Much like the music and movie industries we wish to stop selling physical items, and start selling information the stuff we are selling is already covered by copyright laws, but we want to complicate things by incorporating complicated encryption schemes. We know these schemes will prevent hacking into our copyrighted stuff, but we need you to enact laws that will make it a federal offense for people to break our copy protection.

I think these ideas will work well, and when we come up with new stuff well market it in a similar manner.

Thank you,

So I wrote this to convey the idea of what I feel is a craptastic way to do business, to artificially inflate a small gap in the market that you can fill.

The MPAA wants to create a new market. This is of course my opinion. The MPAA is trying to create a new market. They might defend that the market was always there. It might have been, I haven't researched it entirely. What I do know is that recording pay per view movies has been around for a while, and they have yet to go out of business. Sounds to me like their business is working fine. They are making efforts to petitions the government to prop up their business model. Its simple math - if it costs us 800billion to buy off uncle sam, and it helps us make 80billion a year this step will pay for itself in 10 years. .. so then uncle sam steps in and says well we should tax this new market so we can make some off the top as well - the industry refuses to loose money so they push the taxes onto the consumer...

I'm getting increasingly annoyed at the governments interference in business. When I grew up I was tought that a government protects the rights of its people, and allows the people to have representation of those rights. They are no longer protecting people - they are protecting big business. I can understand the need to protect the economy, but instead of enforcing that an market doesn't die they could just enforce that market doesn't die quickly - at this point they've fixed so many holes they are running out of little dutch boys faster than the diocese

A couple of things in the past few weeks have disturbed me. The idea that a company can have a business model that once a caveat is found, and flaws in that model are discovered that threaten it in the least. They can petition government to make criminals out of the people they represent.

Second is that when a new marketable idea is discovered. If this idea is good enough to threaten established businesses and make them loose billions of dollars uncle sam steps in and plugs the hole - by forcing a person to purchase an item from a manufacturer there by allowing that company time to maintain their market share - ( natural gas vehicle conversion ) In this document it simply states that if you convert your vehicle to natural gas - you are tampering with a government regulated emissions system, and you must pay 5000$/per day of violation.

bah.. so you think they do that to protect our safety, or do you think some big business rep came in and decided that they should "take the stance, of regulated emissions tampering" ?

I Want.

This is just some ramblings of mine. Sort of bored needed to just post some stuff. I think this post is me bitching at myself for being lazy. Might be an interesting insight into "me" for some of you.

I Want to:
Finish My CNC Project, Which depends on me Learning more about AVR controllers, which depends on a small research project involving an RS232 port, an AVR controller and a 20x7 LED array with some logic IC's. That all depends on me cleaning my hell hole called a house, which starts with doing my dishes, laundry and putting stuff away.

If I put stuff away, I'll have to put the AVR stuff on hold, because its all over the place. And it's interdependencies are all annoying the hell out of me. Once I clean up I can get it back out, but I keep tinkering with it every night so why put it all away? Why clean the house?

I Want to:
Setup a multimedia box. Which depends on my networking getting improved, Which depends on me fixing all of my ailing computers, Which depends on getting my storage space consolidated, which will lead to the want of a new storage Server, I discovered that I have 1.2TB of data on my systems most of my hard drives are full, what the hell is all of this crap?

I Want to:
Consolidate my photos, I have photos on my Laptop, Main PC, a Linux Dev PC, my multimedia PC and some random hard drives that are lacking a computer.

I Want to:
Build a CarPC with integrated in-dash touch screen LCD! Which should be done AFTER all of the above, but I know I can't live with out 30 miscellaneous projects.

I hate how all I can ever think about is all of these projects, its like they possess me sometimes, and then in all reality they are all interdependant. And I know what will make them all start falling in place. It really boils down to me not being so damned lazy, If I just cleaned up my house... sheesh its a bachelor pad alright.

That being said, why is it whenever I clean up, I tend to shove all of my projects half ass into a box and they get shelved? I can't stand that, so I tend to let them sprawl out everywhere. And Everything gets messy cause I don't want to disturb the ongoing process that is each project.

I think even though it would be bad to do this first, I should finish my 20x7 led project. When a project is so close to done, you tend to forget where you left off, but if I finished it, it would stop blocking me from wanting to clean up, and get stuff together. I mean responsibility dictates that I should just pack it up and clean up right? Honestly if I got to the finish point on it, and was just done, then I'd have learned something and it would stick better than being only "half-learned"

Things I'd really like to happen:
OCT 27: Will never come soon enough, that's when the mistake of overbuying the car will finally start to heal itself. I payed a crap load of money to get it, 50% down, a VERY high interest rate and skipped on a few bills. Now because of overdue bills, I'm going to be down to about 50$/week (
maybe a wee bit more) until Oct. 27. This was a STUPID idea, why did I ever do this?

I'd like to make things better between my neighbour and I, we were best friends. To be honest I loved the guy like a brother, and after I screwed up he never gave me the chance to fix things. I live in a duplex, we share a wall. It takes a large amount of mental effort to pretend he's not there. And should I? I miss him, and his wife, and they never got it. I mean that's a side effect of being a meta-cognitive sentient being. You think about things that hurt you, and then you think about the, and then they hurt you. They mentioned to an intermediary that they don't believe I feel remorse. How can you know that? You haven't talked to me since, an email yes. But last I checked its hard for people to really express emotion in an email. And not only that but i'm more than certain it's a proven fact that if you pissed when you read something you'll read it as if the person who wrote it is pissed at you as well.

I'd like to have more friends:
I already have a bunch of friends, some good some bad, but I'm not very integrated into
Columbia yet, and loosing my neighbours as friends was a shock. I probably only know 10 people up here, most of them from twitter. (you guys are awesome!!) I've had good luck with them, they seem to all be honest people, really interested in being personable, and having a good time! But its not like I can bother them all the time with my petty need for human interaction, I mean, It's my crutch to want to constantly be social. Nobody wants to hang out with a clingy girlfriend,much less a clingy "dudefriend" I mean seriously grow up. Its like I don't have a "best" friend, not anymore, at least not anyone who's close.

I think not having a "best" friend is sort of damaging to ones psyche, its like you can't vent properly. It's like being a whale without a blow hole, you just suffocate. Slowly succumbing to your own perverse rantings. (sorta like the one I'm about to go on) Its like a best friend is a buffer protecting the rest of the world from the weird things your mind comes up with. Cause you can express them to the best friend and they quickly slap you, and you both have a good laugh at how crazy it sounds. They keep you grounded. When you lack one, you tend to make it harder on yourself to actually make closer friends. I think It might be a side effect of not having one, you try to make someone fill that role, you end up sharing your crazy ideas, or psychopathy with them. It's not purposely done and since they aren't prepared for that, they tend to think of you as weird. Or it makes you look strange.

Okay, so after stating that it offers great introspection into other peoples motives, and then I realized maybe I've done that? Have I? Have I done that? Have I ever pulled into the weird zone? I don't think a person would know if they did, and I certainly hope I haven't. I suppose it's perfectly find to have someone you've met who's at least not entirely creepy to drive into the weird zone, its like they are comfortable enough with you that they want you to be a best friend. Its like they are saying, hey look at the inner me, I'm wierd and quirky and you should like that!! Hah!

This sorta make me feel bad for the way I've treated other people when, they might have done this. I might have been on the receiving end of this a few times. And totally blew a person off because of this odd behaviour. (anyone in behavioural sciences know what this might be called, sounds interesting to me)

Anyway, I like this post. I think I should publish it. But it's sort of angsty. I hate being angsty. Anyway thank you "intarweb". You are currently my best friend. I hope I haven't moved into the weird zone, I think you're awesome. I really feel better after just throwing this out there. I'm going to post it. No really I will.