Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cursing and Insults

I'm sitting at home trying to expand my lexicon, by reading British curse phrases. This is my mindless dribble that followed the endeavor.

No one culture on this planet can curse quite like the Brits. I'm jealous. I'ts not fair. Americans? Pfft, we're all redundant "fuck this", "fuck that", "damn it to hell", and that's about all we have. We have no real substance, we have no words that have great innate meaning. Well aside from racial slurs, the common ones we all know. But they aren't American in nature.

Speaking of racial slurs, does anyone know any REALLY great white racist jokes? I can't think of any that really just make me feel offended. I've been wondering if this is a perspective thing? Most racial jokes deal with stereo-typical behaviors or class structure.

I can't find a white joke that seems equally as insulting as a black/asian/hispanic/etc...

I think it might have to do with it being hard to peg white people to one stereo-type. Trailer trash is a good white stereo-type. The number of white people on Jerry Springer is arguably higher than what would be statistically equal to minority demographics, or I suppose that the white people on the show are just so significantly ridiculous that they just stick in our minds.

I suppose overall, us white folk are just too varied for the jokes to stick or have any lasting meaning. In order for an insult to work, it has to be offensive to all the people involved, you can't insult "white people". You can insult a stereotype of white people - like the trailer-trash one, and I'll just laugh and think, well thats not me. Or you make some insult to the successful business man, with a tiny penis. Again, one of those isn't me, so the whole joke is lost. The rule of thumb seems for the insult to work, you have to insult 80% of the general race target all at once.

There is an exception to this, it seems women can't get away from the insults. So white males basically get shafted, there's no great insulting joke that exemplifies our bad styles/tastes/personality.

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