Monday, February 9, 2009

Rampant hypocrisy

I was out and about wandering around town over the weekend, and hit upon a conversation two girls were having, slightly funny. Slightly not.

I'm gonna give these girls reference names, Sandi and Sally. They were both waiting for their boyfriends to show up and were rambling about everything that had happened over the past week.

Sandi mentioned catching some women breast-feeding at the mall, and before Sally could respond, to which I was certain she was going to defend the action. Sandi quickly retorted how much she thought that was gross, and inappropriate. Sally was quiet, but quickly agreed, and allowed the conversation to progress, seemed like a bit of a tactical retreat to me, more than a real agreement on the appropriateness of breast-feeding in public. (My opinion is simply, it silly to let a breast-feeding women to bother you in the least, get over it.) She kinda started a rant on how it's just wrong and "nasty", etc.

About 30 minutes later or so, they were talking about fellatio, and Sandi mentioned "giving head" to a guy at work. At first I assumed it was her boyfriend, because she mentioned him being with her at work a lot, and it bothered her he was always around.

It turns out in fact, that Steve is not her boyfriend but Marty is, and she was mad that Marty kept bothering her at work, because she really wants to flirt with Steve.

10 minutes later she was bitching about the fact that Marty is acting jealous all the time, and worries about her spending time with Jack, as she asserts she's doing nothing inappropriate with him.

During this time Sally barely spoke a word. She did seem to think that Marty getting jealous over Jack was stupid.

Eventually both boyfriends show up, and they had a pleasant dinner and Marty paid for Sandi's meal. I almost felt compelled to go over there and tell him what I over-heard, just to watch sparks fly.. okay sometimes I feel evil, but I did feel sorry for him, Sandi is likely going to use him until she decides that Steve is worth the effort and make the switch.

So I learned lots of new lessons from this. Its totally okay to give head to a guy in the office, but not to breast-feed in public. Men should not get jealous over the wrong guy. (make sure she tells you who she's cheating on you with first so you don't screw that up.) And last but not least, always date the dope and flirt with the sleaze.

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comoprozac said...

You should have told the boyfriend just for the breast-feeding comment. I hope Sandi or Sally or whomever feeds her child formula and corn syrup to a lifetime of obesity.

Sorry. That was kinda harsh.