Sunday, July 5, 2009

Twitter needs out of band messaging.

Straight and to the point, messages should be able to be tagged. This may seem silly to some, but picture it this way I'm listening to music, and I post that music to and all is well, but really I'd like to post that to twitter, so anyone who wanted to interface with the information could. (and easily so)

normally you'd end up seeing mindless post after post of my songs changing. This is mostly unimportant information, I mean who really wants to read all of the songs I listened to in a day. If I could post the message to twitter with a categorical tag, called "music" you could easily filter out the junk.

Twitter would become the #1 location for market research, if it isn't already. Instead of searching through posts looking for the latest movie trends or relying on some market research website, you'd just look at the top 10 phrases trending in the movies sub-channel.

Not only that, but if wanted to rate the movie, I could put extraneous details that computers would filter into data - out of band messaging is perfect for that, - movie "Star Trek :: 9/10" thats it just a nugget of information and truth.

Or for those location addicts, instead of updating their information all the time, they could just have an out-of-band message - location "38.950425,-92.328003" and blammo, if people really wanted to know what coffee shop you were writing your rants from, they'd know.

out-of-band channels also need privacy settings public, followers, friends, private - the idea of private out of band channels is nifty, I could have a device, say my washer be twitter enabled, and it posts a message to my automation channel, which in turn my cell phone is monitoring - I have no desire to publish when my underwear is clean, but I may want to know that for personal reasons.

On the technical side, I'm thinking the channel id's should be considered free form and open to whatever whims the public decides something like a 32 character field should be adequate for just about any need. like music, movies, terroristmovements

One last thing that has been pissing me off about twitter since I actually started to pay attention to people, I'd like to be able to place tags on people so I can filter my main list - I'd be the happiest person alive, I think the cell phone updates should be converted to a tag as well. I could see celebrities using this to follow you back and just put you in their "eh, I'm not really following him" category, at least you'd feel like they thought you were interesting. :D

Thoughts ??