Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Texting and Driving

My response to NY Times's terrible texting FUD -

So I got that link off my facebook - someone posted it, and I decided to play it, and I must say. I came to a conclusion that is so far off of what NY Times did.

The game is an unrealistic situation, First of all, when I'm texting and driving, I have the phone right in the middle of my view, so I can see it and everything that's not directly in front of me, cause if you were directly in front of me, I'm probably not going to swerve to miss your ass anyway. Second, I can see the road when I type, I just can't see it when I read a message, you can't drag the phone around on this game, or I'd run some tests for that as well.

So taking in to consideration these issues, here is my first test result, all in all I think its a good test score.

I didn't do so well in the first part, cause I didn't know what I was doing, buy I fragged the hell outta that invisible lady. ... Has any seen her ever? Cause after 10 games or so, I've yet to see her - I think its a conspiracy.

I decided I could do better than that so I ran it again, and didn't mis any gates, and got much lower times. (lower is better) after looking at how well I was, I did it again. This time using shorter messages.
Again, an improvement, I did miss a gate (had to scratch my head).

All in all a good job, but I came to a different conclusion.

That if you practice enough and use shorter words, you can text like a pro, but still hit the gray lady. Obviously my scores to prove it!.

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