Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oriental Inspired Peach Chicken

This was derived from a few sources on the intarwebs, it comes from General Tso' chicken, but I use peach sauce for an amazingly sweet flavor, that will leave you wanting more.

So here it is, my secret recipe - I should state that the brand of peaches is pretty much important, I've failed with another type, and created some putred blend of aroma's I'd care not to describe. So just stick with the Del Monte ones until I can figure out just exactly the difference between that brand and others.

1cup rice
2cup water

Sauce, mix thoughly
1/2 Peach Juice (Del Monte)
1.4 tbls soy sauce (optional)
3 tbls sugar
2 tbls sherry/rice wine
1.5 tbls White Vinegar
2tbls corn starch

3 eggs
1/2 cup corn starch (add more to thicken)

1lb chicken boned/cubed/skinned

Hopefully you know how to cook rice, but here it is anyway. Heat water to a boil put in rice, and let it simmer for 15minute covered.

Mix all ingredient for sauce in a sauce pan, an option that is quite delicious is to chop up 2 or three peach slices into the sauce heat until carmelized, will turn from its "frothy" tan tone, to a very dark almost clear tone. I usually heat it a bit longer than carmelziation, just to make sure.

Put eggs into a container, and beat well,add in corn starch. I suggest adding it in incrementally as it doesn't mix ... cleanly with egg, and you'll just end up with a powder mess as the egg slaps back over your pile of starch. Deep fry them I usually pan fry them quite easily, but if the depth of your oil doesn't cover the chicken cubes, then the coating will ooze off one side. (perhaps you
can cut cubes smaller?)

theoretically serves four, but honestly, you might need more for that. Also optionally leave out the soy sauce, your sauce will loose its brownish tone, and look quite clear, very sweet amazing...

This tastes less like dinner and more like desert.

If you have any questions, which I'm sure you will - just let me know I'll try to keep a close eye on this. Again this in theory make for four people, but if I were going to have to cook it for four I'd double everything and just have left overs.


Joshua said...

Your only blog post is a recipe. I feel Prozac has gone off his meds!

Prozacgod said...

Actually, I think you are missing out, see if you click the title - you'll leave this one article and see the whole blog. mostly crap really.