Friday, May 4, 2012

Future tech

Saw avengers.  Everytime I see Tony Stark I get violently angry.  No not "hulkingly" angry, I don't want to smash things - I'm not mad at Tony - I'm angry at the state of technology as it is.  Why can't we build amazingly awesome technology.

I want to be a crazy tech wizard in a world that is not compatible with that vision.  Imagine knowing how to build a jet fighter and then living 500yrs in the past.  Imagine you get the hair up your ass to build one.  Could you?  Would you?

I realize the only thing stopping you is actually just tooling.  Just machines, machines you could make but would take you a long time.  I mean do you know how to actually make a copper wire?  What about a vacuum tube, or a simple water powered calculator?

Imagine needing to do the math involved with toroid inductance for your ever so finicky new power supply you made from raw materials...

I want to boot strap the tooling that will be use to invent the future.  I want the wizbang amount of computing power and the ability to just buy 10 more computers and they automatically contribute to the processing needs.

Do you know how much effort I would have to sink into a cluster to just add 10 more computers?  Tony does it on a whim... what kind of operating system does he run?  How do they integrate?

How does his wireless network even operate? That shit has amazing bandwidth - he's talking live to Jarvis, when I can barely get my voip to work....

I'm thinking about how to make this work, and the tools I will need to create - just to create the tools I really want, which ultimately make the tools I will eventually need.

I'm thinking something like yahoo pipes, only ... with more abstract basic input and output operations, agnostic inputs, if it doesn't like what you are giving it, it just turns red or something, it never refuses to connect things.  (I hate that about pipes)

Lots of filters and crap to parse stuff into stuff - abstract I can do this.

Anyway I'm gonna code some crazy stuff this next week.  I'll probably post an update, or maybe I'll abandon my blog for another year.

All in all to me the future of tech is ... brutally clear or Stark I should say.

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